Sunset Hills Pool enjoys hosting different events throughout the season to ensure all of our members enjoy summertime at the pool.  From Dive-In Movies to Pre-Teen Parties to Ice Cream Sundaes on a warm afternoon...there's something for everyone!

Check out our planned events for the season below and be sure to check your email for additional activities that pop-up throughout the season!

See ya at the pool! 


Sunset Hills Pool is a family and neighborhood pool. We want to meet all our members and invite them to join in the activities we have planned for this summer. There are special activities for teens, adults and the whole family. The old adage is certainly true. “The more the merrier.” We would like to have everyone join in the fun and help support the pool.  

Four volunteer hours per membership are required to fulfill the volunteer fee refund.

Refund checks for completed volunteer hours will be issued three times during the summer: July for hours completed by June 30, August for hours completed by July 31 and in September for hours completed by August 31.  Emails will be sent confirming that your check is ready to be picked up at the pool office.  

If you would like to check-in on the number of hours you have fulfilled, please check the tracker HERE or email 

Refund checks for the 2019 Season will not be given after September 30, 2019.  


Summer 2019 Volunteer Opportunities can be viewed below:


Volunteer Fee

  • The board will annually set the volunteer fee for all pool memberships.
  • The fee will be paid at the time of our annual registration and pool fees.
  • The volunteer fee for 2019 is $75 per membership and is required for all Family & Single/Duo memberships.  
  • Volunteer fee is waived for Senior memberships as a courtesy to our senior members for their active service over the years. 
  • Four volunteer hours per family are required to fulfill the volunteer fee refund.
  • All volunteer hours must be fulfilled by members 16 years of age and older


  • There will be many opportunities to volunteer at events throughout the summer. However, families are encouraged to sign up and fulfill the refund requirements early. We are always in need of a lot of help during pool clean-up days in May.
  • Only approved volunteer activities will count toward fulfillment of the policy.
  • Please make sure to sign the volunteer book at the guard office any time you complete volunteer hours.  You MUST include your Membership Number to receive credit.  
  • Refunds will be only be provided to families who have fulfilled all of the hours required. There will be no partial refunds.
  • Refund checks for the 2019 season will not be given after September 30, 2019. 
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